Imm. Heart of Mary Parish, Hayes

Victorian House, Buckden

Fr. John O´Byrne, cmf, celebrating the Multicultural Mass

Fr. Angel Ochagavia, cmf

Family Day

Community Prayer

St. Hughs Church, Buckden

Fr. Peter Wareing, cmf


Message of the Encounter of General Government with the Major Superiors


One year after the XXV General Chapter held on the summit of Monte Cucco in Rome, the General Government has met with the Major Superiors of the Congregation on another mountain (Monte Fano) and in another place (Kandy, Sri Lanka).

Life at the Service of the Gospel: Dominic Fabregas, CMF


Domingo Fábregas  (July 9, 1817- October 27, 1895) Co-founder. Dominic Fabregas was rather short, simple, industrious, with a clear and penetrating voice that drew large audiences to his sermons.  Domingo Fábregas dedicated his whole life to preaching parish missions and retreats. Fábregas Coma

Not Claretian news but … interesting


We Brits have always been better known for our wine consumption than wine production. As long ago as the ninth century, popes were complaining about alcohol-fuelled Anglo-Saxon pilgrims causing trouble in the Saxon quarter around St Peter’s. Statistics for last

At the hour of our death

Dr Jonathan Riley Smith

We present the article of Jonathan Riley-Smith who was one of our parishioners at St Joseph’s in St. Neots. The Tablet has published his article on September 24, 2016. His funeral will take place on Monday 27 at OLEM parish

The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians


September 20th is the liturgical feast of Sts Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang & Companions. We celebrate their faith and perseverance confronting difficulties and persecution. The Claretian Missionaries from Korea are somehow fruit of the love for Christ that these

Pope Francis hosts a pizza party for the poor


It happened after Mother Teresa’s canonization Sunday: Despite being 79-years-old, Pope Francis shows no sign of slowing down. After braving the intense Roman heat during the canonization ceremony that lasted for more than two hours in Saint Peter’s, he still had