Assembly of the future Province of Fatima

Fatima, Portugal. On December 13, 2017, the General Government decided that the new Province that will be formed by the current Organisms of Bética, Portugal and UK-Ireland will be called Province of Fatima. It is a short name, easily pronounceable in the three languages of the organisms of origin and with a clear Cordimarian meaning. In this regard, the first General Assembly of the new Province, open to all the members of Bética, Portugal, and UK-Ireland, which was divided into two instances, was held at our Casa de Acogida y Espiritualidad in Fatima. The first, which was participated by 72 Claretians, was held on December 26 and 27, 2017. The second took place on 3-4 January 2018 with the participation of 50 Claretians. In both batches were present almost all the members of the provincial councils and Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez, delegate of the General to accompany the reorganization process.

The assembly was divided into four blocks according to the programmed objectives. The first consisted of a recollection in the morning to deepen the spiritual motivations of the process. It concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist in the Chapel of the Apparitions. In the second, the common understanding was drawn through different dynamics of dialogue and the presentation of the website ( as well as the printed catalog with the data of all its members and communities. The third block focused on the presentation and study of the draft “Life and Mission Plan.” The groups had the opportunity to offer their suggestions for improvement. Finally, the fourth block had a cultural and recreational character. Participants were able to visit the Sanctuary of Fatima, the exhibition “Colors of the Sun”, etc.

The day ended with a presentation of the current situation of the Congregation in the world and a fado concert, typical Portuguese music. The atmosphere of fraternity, joy dialogue contributed to the achievement of the planned objectives.