Consecrated Life: Common Website Project in Progress

websiteRome, Italy. Representatives of the different institutions of Consecrated Life run by the Claretians in the Philippines, India, Spain, and Italy together with the members of the Board of Directors who are directly involved in the website project of the Claretian Institutes of Consecrated Life met on Wednesday, 21st of December, via teleconference to carry out the task and move forward with the project.

Present during the meeting were: Ms. Lettie Taberdo from the Institute of Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA) in Quezon City, Philippines; Ms. Maribel with their Director, Fr. Carlos Martínez Oliveras of the Instituto Teológico de Vida Religiosa – Escuela Regina Apostolorum (ITVR) in Madrid, Spain; Fr. George Panthalany of SANYASA: Institute of Consecrated Life (SICL) in Bangalore, India; Fr. Babu Sebastian of Claretianum – Istituto di nTeologia della Vita Consacrata in Rome, Italy; Fr. Ricardo Volo, the Executive Secretry of the Board of Directors; Fr. Louie Guades III, from the General Secretariat, in-charge of the creation and design of the website.

Together with them was Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF General Consultor and in-charge of the animation of the Institutes.

The team is hoping to launch the site by mid January just in time for the Religious Life Week in Asia. The site in construction shall contain many materials and links that will benefit the members of the Congregation, of other Religious congregations, as well as those who are interested in the field. The url link of the site shall be announced later.