Fr. Peter Francis Wareing, CMF, has died.

Fr. Peter Francis Wareing, cmf, has died this morning, 8th of August in Buckden (United Kingdom) at the age of 86. He may rest in peace and receive from the good Lord all the happiness he deserves for his life dedicated to Christ’s mission.

Fr. Peter, born on 20th of October 1931 in Liverpool (Lancashire, England), entered officially in the Claretian Missionaries Congregation on the 8 of December 1952. He was a 21 year old lad ready to offer his entire live to the mission of God and mission of the Church in this Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (also known as Claretian Missionaries.)

After years of study and preparation here in England and in Rome, was ordained as Claretian Missionary Priest on the 7th of December 1958. He worked in several communities that the Claretian Missionaries had in different part of the United Kingdom, Hayes, Gorseinon, Buckden among others.

He was for several year the Superior of the UK-Ireland Delegation. His courage and enthusiasm was put to action in different circumstances, wheather re-building Buckden Towers or guiding the mission work of all UK Claretians as Major Superior.

The Community of Buckden Towers will notify us about the date for his funeral at Buckden Towers. And as soon as possible we will give more details about the life of this great Claretian Missionary.

Let’s give thanks to God for the gift of Fr. Peter’s life, his person, his vocation, his missionary service. May the Lord of Life and our Blessed Mother Mary accompany our brother and friend to the Father’s House, to share in the banquet of His Kingdom.