Our Mission In the world of today

The General Chapter of 1979 made:

  1. An option for Missionary Evangelization
  2. An option for a more culturally related evangelization
  3. An option for a prophetic and liberating evangelization
  4. An option for evangelization of the poor and needy
  5. An option for evangelization that multiplies evangelizing leaders

The Preferred Recipients of our Missionary Evangelization are:

  1. Evangelization of non-Christians and de-Christianized groups
  2. Evangelization of the poor
  3. Raising up & forming new evangelizers
  4. Evangelization of youth
  5. Evangelization of the family

The Objectives and Lines of Action

  1. Knowledge of the real world and inculturation
  2. Pastoral insertion in local churches
  3. Revision & adaptation of our life-style
  4. Revision & adaptation of our apostolates