The theme of the meeting was “Youth Ministry and Exclusion” and aimed to reflect on the accompaniment and the Christian sense of being a volunteer for a young person.

Meeting of the Claretian Youth Ministry of Europe in Catalonia

Throughout these days some people who work or have worked with young people were invited to take part in the meeting. As for example the Marist Brother, Ramón Rúbies, who gave a talk about “Believing with the young”. Rúbies spoke about the reality of young people, their religiosity and how they have been accompanied, and stressed that the life of young people is a theological challenge.

On the other hand, Viqui Molins offered her testimony in volunteering. The Teresian nun shared the accompaniment she does with street people in the parish of Santa Anna in Barcelona. She also spoke from two points of view: of poverty and marginalization and of what it is to welcome and accompany.

Finally, Eduardo Ribes spoke about volunteering and youth ministry. He explained the history of the Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God, marking hospitality as the central point of his charism and of the Christian values ​​and principles of volunteering.

During these days the participants also had the opportunity to share their experiences. On the morning of the second day, each Organism shared its reality on Youth Ministry and volunteerism. On the fourth day, the contributions on the talks that were made during these days were shared. Among the experiences that were shared, Fr. Luis Manuel Suarez, CMF of the Province of Santiago, spoke of “vocational weeks and their context”, also of “Tha Family Ministry” of Euskal Herria; and Fr. Jorge Palacios, CMF of Bética, spoke of the “Preparation of the YVM School” of the Claretian Family to be held in November. In addition to working hours, part of the day was also devoted to prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist.