Imm. Heart of Mary Parish, Hayes

Victorian House, Buckden

Fr. John O´Byrne, cmf, celebrating the Multicultural Mass

Fr. Angel Ochagavia, cmf

Family Day

Community Prayer

St. Hughs Church, Buckden

Fr. Peter Wareing, cmf


Blessed are you, listeners and servants of the Word of God


Dear friends, Happy New Year. We begin 2017 renewing our commitment to be a Congregation going forth towards the peripheries where God dwells, and from where He continues calling us. We are now through the second year of this missionary animation service

Ah! The Ash Grove, the Ash Grove of Buckden


The ash grove is gone, but then it wasn’t really a grove, but three handsome trees planted alongside the entrance drive to the grounds of Buckden Towers, and together they thrived for 80 years until they were stricken with disease

Consecrated Life: Common Website Project in Progress


Rome, Italy. Representatives of the different institutions of Consecrated Life run by the Claretians in the Philippines, India, Spain, and Italy together with the members of the Board of Directors who are directly involved in the website project of the

Claret Centre – BUCKDEN TOWERS- 2016 Activities


The Great Tower, ideal place for youth groups. Between 1 January and 31 October 2016 38 Groups used the Great Tower, all except 3 of which were churches or school groups. The Victorian House, ideal for conferences and residential adult

CHRISTMAS DAY by Pamela Ostler


What do we know about the First Noel? We see pictures of the Nativity, often a small building alone in the countryside. There was ‘no room for them in the inn’ but space in the stable. Was this a callous

Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Claretians


The Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro died November 25, 2016. The Claretian Missionary spirit has been in Cuba for 166 years and still strong. Fidel Castro had been educated by Jesuits. Fidel Castro was a lawyer at Havana University, he was clearly