In Our Apostolate

St. Anthony Mary Claret gave his Missionaries this watchword:
“Use all possible means for the salvation of all.”

Claretians preach the word of God through a wide variety of ministries.
We give priority to:
“whatever is most urgent, timely and effective.”

The Claretian Congregation may be dubbed as:
“the Congregation that has a job for everyone.”

Whatever talents one may have can be used in the
Claretian Apostolate.

Our Constitutions state:

The aim of our Congregation is

to seek in all things the glory of God,

the sanctification of our members and

the salvation of people throughout the world,

in keeping with our missionary charism in the Church.

(Claretian Constitutions N0.2)


In our Plan of Action there are seven specific objectives, 29 lines of programmed action. They are all important.  But among them all there are four specific objectives that we consider to be priorities:

    1. To promote Biblical Ministry and the Biblical Animation of pastoral ministry (MFL 59).
    2. To promote in a significant way our dedication to the evangelization of new generations and vocation ministry (MFL 60).
    3. To promote as instruments of evangelization the Technologies of Information and Communication (E-tics) (MFL 61.4).
    4. To reaffirm the congregational priority for solidarity with the poor, the excluded and those whose right to life is threatened (MFL 58.3) and the commitment to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (MFL 61.7)

MFL (“Men on Fire with Love”) refers to the title of our Chapter Document.