Becoming a Claretian Missionary

All the Claretian Missionaries in the different countries where they live and work believe that:

“Evangelization is not perfect until the local Church arrives at full development as a community of communities with native priests and religious.”

The vocation and formation program is the first priority among all their apostolates, considering that this is the best contribution that they, as Missionaries, can give to the Church. Consequently, the Claretian Missionaries opened the Claret Formation Centres to train young men.

Before committing themselves to a career, they consider a career of commitment.

Bothered by the question: “What to do with my life?” somebody whispered to them: “COME, FOLLOW ME.” And the game started. “I have chosen you to be with Me; I will also send you out to preach…”

Intimacy, communion with Christ through a life of prayer and study, communion with the brothers, and apostolate. Then, full of love and life, the young priests will go out for the apostolic mission of the Claretians in the Church: to bring Christ and His love to all people, and people, especially the poor, to Christ through the Ministry of the Word.


What are the Qualifications and Stages of Formation to become a Claretian Missionary?

Claretian Missionaries – Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Qualifications for Admission

1. Vocation. The feeling of being “called”. When the candidate recognizes that God is calling him for this missionary vocation.

2. Right Motivation. It is not to look for personal fulfillment, educational attainment, security, or escapism… but a commitment to the Gospel: following and imitating Christ and spending one’s whole life in the service of God’s people.

3. Christian and human personality. The candidate must have a deep faith in Christ, as shown by a life of prayer and service; with a deep sense of duty and responsibility; with and open, joyful and obedient character; capable of good relationship with others.

4. Good mental ability. He will have to pass some entrance tests. The candidate must be at least high school graduate with an average grade of 85. College students and young professionals must undergo also a battery of tests before being accepted to any of the different stages of Formation.

5. Good Health. Medical examination will be required. Missionary life demands no physical impediments.

Stages of Formation

Each Candidate will undergo the following stages of formation:

1. Aspirant. College (4 years): BA Philosophy and Psychology.

2. Postulancy (6 months). A non-academic stage in which the Candidates are supposed to reach total self-awareness, that will enable them to journey towards human maturity.

3. Novitiate (1 year) The novices are introduced into the religious life and the spirit of the Claretians. At the end of the Novitiate the novices commit themselves to God through the Religious Profession of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. In addition, they commit themselves in special service to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

4. Theology (5 years). Theology period is the immediate preparation for the Priestly and Missionary Life. During one of these years, the young Claretian is assigned to any of our missions for Pastoral work.