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omonisaye_henry_wn_aFr Henry Omonisaye, cmf, member of the General Council of our Congregation and person in charge of Bible Ministry, has spent few days (Oct 29 to Nov 3) with our communities in the UK, encouraging us to be good listeners and servants of the Word of God.

“The Word of God occupies a place ever more central to our mission and spirituality, he said echoing what our latest Congregational documents state: Our charismatic heritage defines us as “listeners and servants of the Word”. We are in the Church and in society an echo of Claret (cf. Aut 686), passionate minister of the Gospel in season and out of season, using all means at his disposal. We, like Mary, as Sons of her Heart, want to welcome and meditate upon the Word in our hearts and to proclaim it with passion.
speak-lord-for-your-servant-is-listeningThe Church of today has helped us to understand in a new way that our God is speaking to us in order to establish a permanent dialogue of life, the dialogue of the Covenant. The Father who speaks in various ways and manners – in creation, in the history of human salvation, in the Scriptures – speaks in a definitive way in His Son Jesus, the incarnate Word, and in the
Sacraments of his presence. With Mother Church we can speak of a “symphony of the Word”. God our Father expects from us a free and committed response to his Word. Listening to the Word generates in us habits of silence, adoration, contemplation and discernment.

Fr Henry encouraged us to promote Bible sharing groups in our different parishes and gave us concrete suggestions.