Warm welcome to Church at Norwich Rite of Election

Around 50 people seeking to become members of the Catholic Church were personally greeted by Bishop Alan Hopes at the Rite of Election service at St John’s Cathedral in Norwich on Sunday (February 18).

Catchecumens and Candidates from across the Diocese of East Anglia gathered at the cathedral with their sponsors to take part in the important stage of their journey of initiation and preparation to receive the Eucharist, mostly for the first time, at the Easter Vigil at the end of Lent, and to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church.

There were individuals and groups from Cambridge, Peterborough, Ipswich, Norwich, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Ely, St Ives and North Walsham.

Catechumens are adults who have never been baptised and seek to become members of the Catholic Church through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. After being greeted by Bishop Alan, they were invited to write their names in the Book of the Elect.

Candidates are adults who have been baptised in another Christian denomination and seek to become members of the Catholic Church through the Rite of Reception and the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

In his homily Bishop Alan said to them: “Today is a celebration of your hope and trust in Jesus Christ, to whom you turn for salvation. Today you are being elected, chosen, called to salvation. The Church rejoices with you as she numbers you amongst all those who have been called and chosen.

“During Lent, together with the whole Church, you are being called to turn to the Lord. You are being called to deepen you commitment to Him and so grow in holiness. You are being called to become saints of God.”

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