Vocation: Called to serve

Claretian Missionaries …called to serve

Vocation might sound to you like a dull, wearisome topic. Yet, the Claretian Missionaries are glad to help Christians discover their vocation; that is,what God is asking of them personally.

To begin, we try to understand the circumstances of Christian life in our rapidly changing world. We try to understand these circumstances because we believe that one’s particular vocation relates to our sisters and brothers’ needs. Thus, in the promotion of vocation, we try to draw to everyone’s attention the human reality and the signs of the times.

In answering God’s call, Christians face the challenges of the age and commit their lives to the service of their brothers and sisters and the greater glory of God. There is nothing boring about vocation: it’s an adventure that stretches one’s ingenuity to keep up-to-date with the world and stretches one’s strength sometimes to go against the flow.

The Claretian Missionaries have taken up the challenges they meet around the world in diverse ministries, helping communities to experience the presence of God.

Our British Formation/Vocation  Team consists of:
• Fr. Chris Newman cmf
• Fr. James Kennedy cmf
• Fr. John O`Byrne, cmf
• Fr. Angel Ochagavia, cmf


What do we mean by Vocation?